Damier Speedy Nightmare..!lol!

  1. I was at my daughters dance recital...back stage..getting her ready...costume changes..etc..and this mom I know decides to cover her entire 10 year old daughter in GLITTER.Literally..she looked like a freakin XMAS ornament.THEN she pulls out a bottle of GLITTER hairspray..under a AC vent..guess where I am going with this......She proceeds to spray her daughters hair(which already was COVERED in glitter!LOL!) under the AC vent..and the ENTIRE bottle was used up..argh..Yes..It sprayed ALL OVER MY damier Speedy..
    I almost had a heart attack..I was speechless..The mom looked at me and said..oh well.it will wash off later..and walked away!! ARGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
    It did wash off ...only after an HOUR of using wet towels cleaning it up..could you imagine if this had the Vachetta! OMG! I would have killed her!!LOL! SO yes..The Damier Speedy survived and is back to normal..although I do see an occasional sparkle..Some people are so IGNORANT!!!!!! I had to wash off the table it was sitting on too..AN entire roll of paper towels.THATS how much sparkles were all over!!!!
  2. WHAT A *****!
    I would have said. "Lets hope it does wash off, otherwise I will let you know, this was a $600 bag"

    NERVE!! PS Do I know her? LOL

  3. OMG!!!:amazed: I would have been "Get over here and start cleaning, B****!":lol: Every time my DH is pissed at me he punches my bags knowing how much it bothers me!!!:roflmfao:
  4. OMG Jill! I am so sorry that happened, but I am glad little speedy made a full recovery. Some people really are ridiculous!
  5. OMG that is horrible!!!! :rant: I am so glad your Speedy is ok! Reminds me of when a woman at a restaurant spilled wine on my Khaki/vachetta Coach bag (thank goodness it wasn't my Recital. Something told me not to take it out that night. :amuse: ). She said can I buy you a drink to "make up for it"? I felt like saying only if it's a $300 drink. :rolleyes: :lol:
  6. Oh no Jill! I am so sorry you had to go through that! You poor thing, you probably had to sit through the rest of that recital totally irritated which is awful. Thank God you were able to clean it off. whew!
  7. ^YEP! LOL!>>I was pretty peived..and PHH just looked at me like I was nuts..LOL...
  8. EEP! I would have been a tad annoyed at her attitude! I am so happy that your bag made a "speedy" recovery :flowers: !
  9. OMG i would have been pissed!
    Glad you were able to clean it up though.

  10. LOL I can see that bothering you off :smile:

  11. OMG! I would've flipped out!!!!!!!!!!!:blink: Whew! Close one! I'm glad everything worked out in the end...:yes:
  12. OMG, I would have freaked! I'm glad you were able to get it all off.
  13. Aren't hubbys funny! Mine will give me mine to hug if I feel bad, but then sometimes I get the "you love the bags more than me":cry:
    Jill , I woulda taken the disco speedy offa ya in a heart beat! Miserable cow, she shounds like her own worst karma! Glad you guys are OK!:heart:
  14. Eeek, worst than I thought. I thought you were sleeping!!! =(
  15. LOL :roflmfao: My thoughts exactly :P