Damier Speedy Made Feb 07

  1. Hey... my SO got me a Damier Speedy 25 for Valentine's day!!! :yahoo: It is sooooooo cute :heart: But what I find a bit weird/special is that the datecode indicated that it was made in France in Feb 2007! Sweet, eh? A valentine gift made in Valentine's month.

    But the thing is... I live in Thailand... and this Speedy is made in France less than 2 weeks ago?!? Fast shipping isn't it? OR do LV stamped the date in advance so that the bag wasn't really made in February but maybe in January or something like that?
  2. They actually changed the format of the date codes for 2007. If your datecode says XX0027--it actually means it was made the 2nd week of 2007.
  3. thanks... good to know!
  4. ^^ and that definitely makes more sense....so confusing though, because now i don't know which items you get from boutique are marked with new datecode, and which ones are still using the old..
  5. Congrats on your bag!
  6. oh...thanks...i didnt know that!
  7. Wow... good to know! Thanks
  8. Anything in 2007 will be the new format.
  9. :yes:
  10. Congrats!!! and thanks for informing the new Date code system :smile:
  11. I actually really like the new date code system. It takes a bit to get used to, but I like it!
    And congrats on the Speedy!!
  12. ^^^:yes:

    But it really wouldn't too strange if it happened to say XX0057 or similar, would it? (Assuming of course they are going by the 4-5-4 retail calendar)

    I got my Mini Lin in November and the date code is SP1016, so she was a newborn when they sent her to me from elux!!! :tender:

    Congrats on your Speedy!! :heart:
  13. What is the 4-5-4 retail calendar?
  14. It's the sales calendar that retailers use to be able to compare weekly sales each year.

    (But I just remembered that it goes from Feb-Jan instead of Jan-Dec so just disregard the whole 4-5-4 thing. I guess they use a regular calendar year after all.)

    What I meant was that it wouldn't really be too strange if her speedy was made in Feb 07 because it would just be a newborn too!
  15. congrats!!!