Damier Speedy lining

  1. Hey ladies,

    I called eluxury earlier today to change my mono speedy 25 that I ordered to a damier. And I asked the customer service if they know anything about Damier speedy lining color transfer. And they told me they've never heard of anyone brought up the issue yet. Not a single case! And they told me LV doesn't have any records as any customers reported the issue, ever! :wtf: at last they told me it's a "luxury product" and I should handle it with care...but what about things that I carry inside of the bag? :shrugs: not so happy with the customer service thou...
  2. The official line is to say no problems...lol...we had 2 girls speak to the same SA, somewhere is Southern CA, if my memory isn't going....so we certainly know she was aware of it...

    Also one SA told me they had at least a dozen or so complaints, but were told to say no complaints....very frustrating.....

    but with that said, it seems to have cleared up....either the changed the dye or lengthened the curing process or something, because it hasn't seemed to be a problem lately.
  3. my sa said to wait to buy damier pieces. (she loves me)
    get something dated from this year to be safe, according to her.

    she knows OF the probs, and that they 'supposedly' have been cleared up, but she doesn't know when. so an '07 piece shouldn't bleed.
  4. :wtf: Never had a problem with my Damier Speedy 25 and / or keepall.... (knocking on wood to keep it that way, though!!)
  5. I have had my damier speedy since Christmas and haven't had any issues. The first thing I did was wipe the inside with a paper towel to check, and it was still white!