Damier Speedy Lining

  1. I can't remember who it was that had the problem with the lining turning her wallet red, but I wanted to say that it is happening to me too! I called the LV boutique that I purchased it from and they are going to look into it and get back to me but since it is still within my return/exchange period I can bring it back. I went back and forth between the Damier and the Mono, decided on the Damier because of the ease without the vachetta, but now I am thinking that I should exchange it for the mono if the red lining is going to color my stuff :crybaby: !
  2. Wow let us know what happens with this!
  3. What kind of wallet do you use?? I just got a Ribera Damier and today is the first day I have carried it. My wallet is the mono porte tresor...no problems yet!! Let us know!!
  4. Yes it was me, please do inform us what happened. They only refund my wallet, and they can't do anything about the bag becuase its not a known defect. ... boohoo...
  5. The wallet that I am carrying at the moment is a Coach wallet with white leather trim, so they are not going to do anything about that obviously. I know that it is from the bag because the wallet is new and it has also turned the paper on my address book red. When I was on the phone with the girl, she said to rub a damp washcloth on the lining and see if it bled onto the washcloth, and sure enough...it did.
  6. o wow now i'm worried i have a damier speedy 30 and I just recently purchased a vernis wallet in lilac! grr shoud i be worried ?! =[
  7. I have a damier speedy 30 but haven't experienced this problem, please let us know how this works out!
  8. This is not good.
  9. I rubbed a white napkin on the red lining and it does stain. I won't be using my white MC wallet with the damier speedy anymore. :sad:
  10. This is not good. I do not have any damier. Please everyone be careful.
  11. i also tried rubbing a white paper towel (dry) on the red lining of my damier speedy, and it did leave a faint red mark on the paper towel...and left paper towel fuzz on my lining :graucho: thanks for the heads up that it stains. i'm not too worried about mine though because i have my purseket protecting all 4 sides and i also have a red plexiglass covering the bottom of my purse (courtesy of my dh...he took the dimensions of my speedy 25 and custom made a bottom for my bag) :lol:
  12. lol i hope this isnt a stupid question but where can i get a purseket? =]
  13. Yikes. I wonder if this is with every batch of lining and it's just that maybe some batches have a more saturated dye than the others?
  14. I was wondering about this as well. I haven't heard of this problem until the damier speedies. :shrugs: