Damier Speedy lining, is it fixed?

  1. I knoe some members were having a problem with the red lining dying some of their stuff pink/red. Is this still an issue, if so how do you know if you've got a "bleeder"?
  2. use a paper towel or ur dust bag to scrub it against the lining, if red comes off, its a bleeder. :smile:
  3. some people said they used a slightly damp white cotton t-shirt as well.
  4. Wipe it with any white cloth, try it both dry and damp.
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  7. i just got a damier speedy two weeks ago (date code for may of 06) and just did the suggested rubbing of a paper towel on lining, sure enough my papertowel came back with red on it. There is no way i'm gonna try it with a wet cloth LOL.

    It hasn't transfered any color on to anything though, but I don't have any light colored items in my bag...
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