Damier Speedy In Today!!!!!!

  1. So I went to LV in Saks at South Coast Plaza today...and my SA told me that the damier speedies came in today!!! I literally was like :shocked: :yahoo: So she proceeds to show me the MOST BEAUTIFUL bag!!!!! I was on the waitlist, but unfortunately, on the LV store's waitlist at South Coast, not the one in Saks.

    BUTTT she told me she is going through the waitlist tonight, and will give me a call if one opens up. I should know by tonight or tomorrow!! :shame:

    So ladies, if you were on the waitlist, give your SA's a call and see if your baby is ready to be picked up!!! :flowers: :love:
  2. OMG- the blockbuster bag of the year has been released! I hope LV has crowd control.
  3. i took a peek at it at the store a few days ago ^_^

    its gorgeous!
  4. can't wait to see this IRL, i'm sure it'll be gorgeous :heart::love::heart:
  5. Oooohh.... I can't wait to see it! It looks so gorgeous in all the pics.
  6. Seeeeeeeeeeee... I called 1866, they told me they don;t have in store just yet..
    I told her LV already sell speedy damier in Europe, Asia and Australia, NZ, she said that's impossible ..huh ????

    I thought they should know better..

    I am not in the waitting list... I hope they have spare spare one..
  7. I hope it isnt too masculine or wintery. I really like the idea.
  8. well i didnt see it IRL i saw it in the book at the store so tht doesnt count :sad:

  9. Oh ok...I have that book at home
    I have that book next to me when I meditate..my mantra ...damier speedy...damier speedy... nuh J/K (mantra part)
  10. Trust me, it is gorgeous in real life! Very classic and I'm so happy it's the same price as the mono.

    My SA just called me back...I get it on JUNE 1ST!!!!! :yahoo: Happy graduation to me! :smartass:

    Bjara!! She told me she reserved one for you too!! Maybe I'll see you on June 1st?? hehehehehehe :lol:
  11. Do you know how much this speedy will be selling for? You guys are making me salivate! I want to see a picture of it!!!:shocked: :shocked: :shocked:
  12. I called my SA today in 866vuitton and she wasn't in!!!!! I want the bags so badly!!! I preordered the 25 and the 30. *gulp* I heard that eluxury might have some too???
  13. Same price as the monos...$565 for the 25 and $585 for the 30

    Hope this helps! :yes:
  14. The Damier Speedy is simply gorgeous :heart:
  15. OMG thank you!!! I cannot wait!!!:flowers: