Damier Speedy in Portland OR

  1. My Sales called me from Saks in Portland,Oregon and tell me both 25 and 30 are in... i don't have time to downtown today so i asked her to put charge on my Saks card first....i 'm so excited and can't wait til tomorrow!!
  2. Congrats !!! you will love it..which one are you going to get? Both sizes??
  3. I don't know yet.. i told her to charge on a 25 and i'll decide tomorrow... i have a EPI 25 in Moka... which is pretty similar with Damier 25... but I'm only 5' 3'' and i don't konw if i should go for a 30 instead...
  4. How cool! I miss Portland, my MC keepall was purchased from the Pioneer place store. I grew up in Milwaukie, my folks now live in Oregon city. Hope you love your bag, no sales tax!!!
  5. I'm only five feet tall and I have a 30...looks great.

    The SA I talked to at that Saks a couple of weeks ago had no clue about the Damier Speedy! :shocked:
  6. I Have 30 Epi And Its Defiitely Bigger Than The Damier Speedy I Just Got
    I Luv The 30 Size In Damier, Its Actually Smaller, And I'm 5'4''
  7. I'm 5'2 and the bigger the bag the better! Go for the 30 since you already have the Epi 25.
  8. How exciting!!! CONGRATS!!!:flowers: You will LOVE it!!! PICS when you get it, please!!!:smile: