Damier Speedy in 25 or 30?

May 27, 2008
I'm ordering a Damier Speedy tomorrow :yahoo::yahoo:but I need help deciding which size I should get. I've never tried one on IRL so any advice is much appreciated :yes:

I'm 5'5 and approx 135 pounds. I'd like to use this bag as my "go-to" bag this fall/winter and will likely be carrying the following in it on a daily basis:

damier pocket agenda (used a checkbook holder)
mono canvas small ring agenda
coach medium zip wallet
coach medium cosmetic case
coach ergo capacity wristlet (with misc items like pens, pencils, ipod, cell phone charger inside it)
cell phone
and sometimes a paperback novel

I want it to fit all these items but without too much extra room because I want the bag to sag but only slightly.

TIA for any advice :tup:


Jul 5, 2008
The Rainy City
I would get the 30 as well. My first was a 25, and it really is not big enough for everything I need now. The 30 is the perfect size - especially if you need it to fit a book or magazine. If you are not liking the sag - there are base board available all over. I hope you enjoy!