Damier Speedy Handles HELP!!

  1. Hi guys,

    I just bought a Damier Speedy 30 and it was the last one in the store. It was new since I saw them remove those little paper things from the handles. Thing is, the underside of the handles are wrinkly. Now, I read in a thread that this is normal and that eventually, all bags will turn out this way. But is it normal for this to be there when it is brand new? :crybaby:

    Also, I noticed that it had a tiny scratch mark, like a line less than a cm long along where the wrinkly side of the handles were, how can i remove this? is this also one of those peeling handles??

    I am sooo confused because all the damier speedies are sold out everywhere and this is the last one i could find. Pls help! I really need your opinions on this, as this is my first speedy.
  2. I think this is normal mine had it. It's where the stitching is. But if it bothers you a lot wait until they get another one in and trade it.

    Hope it works out for you :smile:
  3. Mine had it when it was new, too. It kinda bothered me at first, but it's really no big deal now. You can definitely exchange it and you probably should since it's really bothering you. Be sure to point out the scratch mark to the SA. Good luck!
  4. you should return it. i just exchanged my montaigne clutch because the heat stamp inside was a tad bit crooked (yes, i know, i have a perfection issue).
  5. my new damier speedy's undersides of handles are also wrinkly.
    i guess it's normal...
  6. I had both "problems" u mentiones above but im okay with it. If ur not exchange it
  7. I tried to get a Damier 30 speedy yesterday and my local LV was all sold out...congrats on getting one
  8. yeah its sold out in the whole country. i have never experienced this before. oh well, i can live with it. :smile: hehe i guess....thanks everyone!! :smile:
  9. Hi, old thread to bump it up. I have it also on my damier speedy 30 and my sister's damier speedy 30 as well. Looks like it is normal in the damier handle of a speedy 'coz my monogram doesn't have it. :smile:
  10. To be wrinkled is fine but if it start to peel off is so bad...I just bought my first LV ever, I got a Damier Speedy I hope it will last for many years...or should I go and exchange for a Mono?
  11. so disappointing-LV should up their Quality Control Check so that customers do not have this negative experience at what should be a Happy time!

    I hope they get you a replacement soon!
  12. theres no shortage in michigan! anywho, I think the lines will come out. or you can always return it and have them call you when they get more in, they will get more.
  13. Hi Guys,

    I am obsessed with TPF AND with LV. Perfect match! I just bought my first brand new Speedy 35 in the Damier Ebene line. It was my first in store purchase and I was so excited. Well, when I got home I noticed that the handles had very slight wrinkling under the part that your hand holds which my monogram speedy doesn't have (it's completely smooth). Also the handles are very glossy but very stiff. For any of you guys that have had the ebene speedy for over a year now and regularly use it, will the handles soften up and be more pliable? (I like to have softer comfortable handles) Otherwise, I would consider exchanging it for the monogram 35. Which is a shame because I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the red interior lining :shucks:
  14. Aisha...mine are slightly wrinkly too..I just bought her in Dec 2010, so not sure if the handles will soften up. If it is your first speedy, I would say keep the damier - it's so hassle free and that red lining is just gorgeous. I have a mono speedy as well, and I tend to baby her quite a bit because of the vachetta.
  15. This is stiff leather with a curved handle. It's normal to have wrinkles. Enjoy your beautiful speedy. I've never seen a Damier speedy without wrinkled handles. They are on my Trevi and Alma as well. Just love your bag.