Damier Speedy, Epi Jasmin and Epi Lockit - what color to get?

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  1. OK so with the upcoming price increase in February, I figure I should probably get the bags I want now so I can "save" a little bit (You know how every little penny helps ;)). There have been 3 bags I wanted to get for a while but have been putting off since there have been all the seasonal releases I wanted to get. Anyway I would like to get:
    • Epi Jasmin in either red or ivory
    • Epi Lockit in red or ivory
    • Damier Speedy in Ebony or Azur
    What colors do you think will look best for the Jasmin and Lockit? I wouldn't want to get them in the same color though. Do you think the new Cassis color will come in these styles?

    As for the Speedy, I love the look of Azur but am afraid it will get dirty and also worried about the patina on the handles that everyone talks about. Ebony is a bit duller in my opinion but it would hold up to dirt and rain much better.

    What are everyones thoughts? Please help me because I can't decide. Thank you!
  2. i like red epi lockit and ivory jasmin. i think you shoud get those two first. i am not too fond of speedies as damier and monogram ones are soo common
  3. as far as the speedy..i love the damier canvas
  4. I've tried two of those bags on this weekend so here's my advice: jasmin in red (will make a very sexy bag!) and lockit in ivorie. I would get the speedy in damier. Good luck and let us know what you got...:flowers:
  5. azur speedy, red lockit, ivory jasmin
  6. Red lockit, ivory jasmin, and either one of the damier Speedies. I don't worry much about my vachetta because I love a dark patina, but if it will really bother you then get the Ebene speedy. My Ebene Speedy is a workhorse, all-weather bag!
  7. so you are going to get one ivory bag then buy ebony damier speedy...
    red lockit
    ivory jasmin
  8. Epi in Ivorie, it's on my wishlist so I suggest that bag. That bag is simply breathless.
  9. I am thinking about getting 2 Epi bags - Jasmin and Lockit. I just don't know whether to get the Jasmin in Ivory or Red and Vice versa for the Lockit. From everyone's comments, it sounds like the vote is for Red Lockit and Ivory Jasmin which is what my initial thought was. I'm just wondering if these 2 styles will come out in the new Cassis color and whether it would look nicer than my current choices. The price increase is giving me so much pressure :tdown:.
    I may hold out on the Speedy until later on as the Epi's are pretty pricey and the sag factor of the Speedy bothers me.
    I'll need to try on all of these bags to decide though.
  10. yep... it is better to try them on.. it is better to get the speedy later..
    red lockit is my favorite.. I really love that bag... what do you think about the ivory soufflot. it is a great bag too..another choice for ivory is pochette montaigne...
  11. ~Jasmin in Ivory
    ~Lockit in Red (would look great in cassis too)
    ~Damier Speedy in Ebene (I'm picking this because you're getting something in ivory color already)
  12. Lockit in ivory
    Jasmin in red
    Damier Speedy in azur (an everday light colored bag while the ivory lockit can be for special occassions)
  13. -ivory lockit
    -red epi jasmin
    -damier ebene speedy
  14. I like the Jasmin in red Epi, the Lockit in Ivorie Epi, and the Speedy in Ebene.
  15. Jasmin in Red, Lockit in Ivory and Speedy in Azur!!! :tup: