Damier Speedy Ebony or Epi Speedy?

  1. I plan to buy another speedy bag to use for rainny day;) as I never think to bring my azur and mini lin out during the rainny day. I have been searching for a rainny day bag for a while and I ended up considering between two bag:

    Damier Speedy Ebony

    Epi speedy in Ivorie or Red

    Please, help me choose:rolleyes:

    or any recommend bags? I'm a bit boring with speedy style but I do think it is practical and It is easy not to use the shoulder bag during the winter period as I hate wearing shoulder bag on the thick winter coat. Now is the summer time but I need a bag that I can use all year round.

    PS: Will Ivorie turn yellow?

    This is my LV bag list:

    Denim Baggy PM
    Azur speedy 25
    Mini Lin speedy in ebony
    Antigua cabas PM
    MC white speedy
    Cerises bucket
    2 pochette

    I considered all bags that I have are not for the rainny day :sweatdrop: and now I need one.

    Oh! I'm not a fan of monogram bag :nogood: and I also want a Reade PM ( but the top is open and I hate patina). Love Saleya PM (but I think in Azur is better than Ebony so I won't buy it in Ebony and I won't buy anymore azur as I hate dark patina with azur). Sorry for long posting :sweatdrop: and your help will be much appreciate!!

    or Is it better to wait for a summer sale and get the Dior Gaucho cross shoulder bag? :idea:
  2. Damier speedy!
    I love it!
    It's so pretty.
  3. EPI! everyone and their brother has a damier speedy!
  4. Matt, Which color look better? red :heart: or Ivorie :tup:
  5. i'll wait for the lilac epi to come out first before making the decision on damier or epi.

    in general epi may have wrinkles if not stored properly from what i heard which makes the damier more easier to take care of.
  6. Lilac? Will it come out again?
  7. Epi Speedy in red
  8. I have both...Damier speedy and Epi Speedy. I have Ivorie and I don't think it will change colors. I vote RED speedy!
  9. Damier speedy! But if I had to choose, I'd go with Ivoire.
  10. Definitely epi!! And RED would be fabulous!!
  11. Just got my very first LV - the red Epi speedy. Excellent lipstick red color.

    Of course, I'm biased. Red's my favorite color. But as a red bag coneisseur (sp?), I have to say the red Epi rocks.
  12. :okay: Thanks eveyone :smile:
  13. Damier speedy.
  14. ummm.. I have both... I think a RED Epi speedy would be gorgeous~ :heart:
  15. I say....red epi! I have one of the epi ivorie bags and don't think it will change colors but red is really gorgeous too. It's more structured than the damier ebene speedy so there won't be as much sag either. It's a bag that will last you for years and years!