Damier Speedy Dilemma

  1. Hi everyone!! Since I now have the mono Speedy 25 (first LV purchase) I don't know if I should get the Damier Speedy 25 or 30. I do like the 25 but I don't know about getting another size like that. What would you do if you were me??
  2. I would get the damier papillion 26. It's a very playful design. Great for evening and day wear.

    Compared to the papillion 30, I prefer the 26 because I don't want a $250 pencil case.
  3. Well my mom just got me the Keepall 50 for christmas and i am buying a Damier keepall some time this year, So i say go the speedy.
  4. Well it's a toss up between the 25 and 30.
  5. Do you like your speedy???
    If you like speedy, you should get damier speedy 30. If you want to get something in damier but not speedy, get pap. 30/ saleya
  6. Yes I love the Speedy look. I just don't know if I should get another 25 or go for the 30. By the way the Damier doesn't look to manly on a woman does it? Just wondering.
  7. Damier will be classy not manly at all. I have speedy 25 and 30 in mono and tomorrow I will pick up my damier 30. If you check out Speedy Gonzales club, you will see some girl in here have every speedy in different sizes, color and lines. I love the shape of speedy, I will get epi speedy one day.
  8. LOL. I also want an Epi Speedy too. I would love the red color. I never had a red purse.
  9. go for 30 ..i.
  10. Thanks so much!!
  11. Get the damier speedy 30, iot looks way better than the speedy 25 IMO.
  12. I'm 5'6 so do you think the Damier Speedy 30 would be too big?
  13. That's about 168cm I gauge? :shame: If so, it's not too big, I have the mono 25 and 30 and I'm 169cm. It's not too big and I prefer my 30 over 25 anytime. :biggrin: Also, the damier speedy looks more gorgeous in 30 , the checkerboard pattern really shows the entire bag off IMO. And let's not forget the pretty red lining! :yahoo: