Damier Speedy--all Gone (elxury)

  1. FYI
    Just checked eluxury for Damier Speedy. They weren't there and I now I looked late last night. Looked under New arrivals and searched on Speedy. Not there. So probably, you will have to place a special order, if through eluxury. I don't shop through them; I have choice of at least five boutiques that are close by. (Ok, so I was almost succumbing.) Just thought I would let people know.
  2. Thanks, I think most of the girl already got their speedy..
    Are you planning to get one??
    I love mine, took it to MIL and she wants one (normally she doesn't like damier)
  3. I am really fighting the impulse! Really wanted one for a long time and didn't want to special order! Need to be good, I keep telling myself. iF i get one, I will have to sell one of my darlings on ebay.
  4. I got my Speedy and it has been shipped!!!! Waiting for it to arrive now!!!
  5. It's funny, they are already popping up on Ebay.. I'm sure Elux will get more in soon! ;)
  6. They come and go on Elux as they have stock/run out of stock. Just like any other item.

    As they are brand new and there was a bit of a run on them..they're temporarily out of stock.

    I'm sure they will be more readily available after the initital frenzy. :yes:
  7. I jsut picked up the phone and spoke with LV Customer Service. They're available and can do special phone order. Can't believe someone would be so stupid as to try to sell a Speedy 30 for a 1000 dollars. (on ebay). I wish I could scream at people Don't do it! Because someone will.
  8. Yeah and since it's going to be a permanent piece in the line, they'll have more eventually. I'm waiting on getting my 25 for that reason..but don't worry, if you want one, you'll be able to get one :smile: