Damier Speedy 35..

  1. Do yall know if you can special order this bag?
    my mom wanted the mirage speedy for Xmas but the SA in Orlando said all of the USA is sold out and she likes the damier speedy but she says her Mongram Canvas speedy 30 is too small.. Do you know if you can special order the damier speedy 35 and if so how much would it be?..Thanks and Merry Christmas to you all I hope yours was filled with much LVoe. ;)
  2. You sure can! I believe it's 30% more of the price of a Mono Speedy 35...you need to make a down payment of half when you order it and once it's been approved; then you pay the rest when it's ready.
  3. oo cool deal. and if its not approved then they just refund you?..
  4. Authentic Louis Vuitton Speedy Damier have only two sizes 25 and 30
    if Speedy 35 would be Monogram canvas only ;)
  5. ^^^^^^ it can be special ordered.
  6. Nope, not now anyway. I put in a request 6 weeks ago...just heard back the Gods at LV denied it. :tdown:
  7. Maybe that means they are going to make it part of their permanent collection?? I thought someone else had SO one and got it approved...I hope so! I really want an Azur 35, was thinking of SO one....if i even can
  8. Hopefully LV come out Damier 35. ;)
  9. ANyone else try to special order or have further info on this?
    Really want the 35 size!!!
  10. I was just told this past weekend that my special order Damier speedy 35 was denied by LV.

    It can't be done, at least not right now. :sad:
  11. I am sad.....and sad for you.....sorry....what a great look that bag would be in 35!!!:crybaby:
  12. I have a feeling they'll come out with the 35 in both Damier Ebene and Azur ... I'm thinking positive thoughts!

  13. Please, keep those positive thoughts coming! :tup:

    After I got the verdict from LV, I pulled out my 30 again. I used it yesterday and today...and I have to put back into my closet...I can't live with the tinier opening on the 30 vs. my mono 35. It was driving me batty! :sad::sad::sad:
  14. Aw, thank you for your kind words! :flowers: