Damier Speedy 35

  1. Does anybody know if LV will be coming out with a Damier Speedy 35? I already own the Mono Speedy 35 and would love the same size in a different pattern. Also, is the Damier Alma as versatile for all occasions? I think the Duomo is a little more formal.
  2. I asked the manager at my local LV a few months ago and she said it was not likely. You can do a special order for 30% more of the mono speedy 35. It would be around $840
  3. WOW!!!!!!!!! I thought i was the only one... I think the 25 and 30 are too small for me ( as well as anybody over 5'4 ( in my opinion) but I even called the vuitton customer service, they should be getting back to me very soon.. everytime i watch the hills i swear Lo's bag gotta be a 35 too.. ill let you know if i hear anything..and you do the same
  4. ^^
    I thought Lo's bag was smaller? Around a 30...:confused1:
  5. I know I too want this bag sooo freakin bad!!! The 30 DOES NOT feel long enough for me for some reason. I may have to bite the bullet and special order it as I would rather have that than a saleya... I just dont like the wait time its gonna take to get it
  6. if i had the money i would def SO the bag.. I mite save up and do that actually.. :heart: