Damier Speedy 30?

  1. How much was your Damier Speedy 30 including tax ($620 without tax)? I'm getting ready to buy one of my own and I want to make sure I have enough, seeing as LV adds quite a bit on for tax (or so I've heard).
  2. I guess it depends on your state tax.
  3. if you want to avoid tax you can get it on eLuxury. as long as you don't live in TN or CA you won't have to pay tax :yes:
  4. Yeah, I've heard that eLuxury doesn't add on tax. I considered it, but I'd really like to go to the store and have the full experience and avoid the shipping wait. I'm much too excited :biggrin:
  5. Where do you live..just add the state tax
  6. I live in Southern California... But I hear it's higher than the state tax? Ours is 7.75% so I'm guessing around $660?