Damier speedy 30 wrinkles

  1. I just got a new Damier speedy 30 and it looks like the "creases" from being folded will not come out (one on each side)...:cursing: I filled it and have been handling it for over a week now....is there something that can be done? Will they eventually come out?
  2. Yes, it'll eventually come out ... just keep using it, such a geogeous bag!
  3. thank you! You're collection is amazing!
  4. I thought it was so weird when I bought my speedy and it was folded, mine is still quite new and the folds are still visible but I think they will disappear in time...
  5. They'll come out pretty soon! I just got mine and it only took two wearings! didn't even stuff it.
  6. I've had my damier speedy 30 for about 16 months and it still has some creases in it. All my speedies seem to take forever to straighten out. This past summer I even sunbathed it hoping the heat would smooth out the creases and it only helped a tiny bit. I apparantly have no tips to give you!
  7. I stored mine stuffed with towels and it helped a bit...it really takes time. Dont worry about it and enjoy it...I love Damier Speedies!
  8. My sister stuffed hers with towels for a full month every night, that and every
    usage did it for her.
    Congrats on your purchase!!
  9. I got mine about a week ago and it has maybe one tiny little crease...but not enough to bother me. I love the bag!!:heart:
  10. Sometimes the creases get annoying so I just keep it stuffed when I put it away, and the next time I use it, it looks so much better! ;)
  11. I've had two of my speedies for quite some time also and they STILL have creases.
    =( The only one that doesnt is my vintage one.
  12. You might want to kill me, but I actually store my speedys folded the way they are sold. As soon as I fill them up though, the creases are gone. Just use the bag, and keep it stuffed at night.
  13. My creases came out almost within a few hours of having my stuff in it.
  14. Sometimes the creases stay a while. I have read somewhere, perhaps here on the forum, that you can take the filled or stuffed (with towels or tee shirts, whatever to fill it up good)speedy bag and then hold the hair dryer a good 8-10 inches on medium heat, just enough to warm the canvas a little bit (you do not want the canvas to be hot, just warm)and doing this a few times during the first week you carry it will get the remaining creases out. I have not tried this myself, only because the new creases do not really bother me too much, for I know they will eventually come out. I did notice that using a purseket with my last speedy purchase seemed to speed the process up with the creases coming out, so you may want to look into a purseket, which is a great organizer for a bag like a speedy. Enjoy your bag, when others see the creases, they know its merely from the manner that LV folds them while in inventory and also this way when passed onto the customer.
  15. stick it in the dryer for about a min then stuff it... it works like a charm!!!!!!!!!!