Damier Speedy 30 sold out???

  1. is this true??? my friend told me her bf called the lv store near us and they told him that it's sold out in the US...?
  2. Dont know about the US but it was sold out all over Hongkong for the holidays
  3. unfortunately it is true! i thought about gettin one in damier ebony, but all 30's were sold out in south coast when i went. i called the 866 number today and damier speedy 30's were sold out nationwide. i feel the disappointment~
  4. Many of the stores are sold out of alot of classics because of the holidays...dont worry though, they will surely re-stock soon :smile:
  5. Hawaii is out right now as well. I called this week. But they did say they should get more stock before the end of the month.
  6. totally out! I got mine from let-trade because I was desperate for one!
  7. hopefully new shipment will arrive soon with the new stuff...:yes:
  8. Yup, in Amsterdam they were sold out too and I'm bad in waiting so I bought a 25 in ebene!
  9. Give it another week.
    I saw one on Eluxury 2 nights ago....
  10. It's true. They just recieved new stock in NYC but only in the monogram.
  11. PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE to get the dream bag...:yes:
  12. Yes all you can do is wait. I'm sure by the end of January everything will be restocked. This is JMO though. :p
  13. yes, I even tried Saks. I wanted to exchange my mono for a damier, but got a mono mini Lin instead. I hope they come out next week (fingers crossed).
  14. I believe both azur and ebene Speedy 30 are sold out now. Hopefully back in stock soon. Same thing happened last January when I was on the hunt for my azur Speedy 30.
  15. almost all the classic style were sold out as well in all the lv branches in singapore! (speedys,saleyas,hampsteads) as well as some of the newer and le designs (palermo,tivoli,trevi,griet) they have a lot neverfull and the min lin croisette s though.