Damier Speedy 30 SOLD OUT!!!! (enable me!)

  1. I finally decided to get the Damier Speedy 30 and went to South Coast Plaza but surprisingly they were sold out! All other speedy 30's were available, only the Damier was sold out. I asked if they could ask other stores near the area, they were also sold out. :crybaby: When I called 866-Vuitton, they said there were only 30 left in the entire USA. WOW!

    Luckily, I found one! Just one at Louis Vuitton in Hollywood & Highland and I put that one on hold. But now, I am having doubts if this is really the bag for me. This will be my 2nd LV bag, but it is going to be my first HANDbag. All I've ever had are shoulder bags.

    Also, as I have posted in my previous post, I was having a hard time deciding between the mono and the damier. Now this indecision is creeping up again.

    Pls help me decide. I will go to the LV store tomorrow to get the speedy. Am i making the right decision? PLs enable me... :confused1:
  2. I'd get the Damier Speedy since it's the one you really like.
    I used mine today in the rain and was really happy with it...I'm so glad I have it!
  3. ^^ I agree ... the damier speedy is a great all-weather casual bag:tup:
  4. I like my Damier speedy as well. Versatile, practical and easy to be taken care of. :flowers:
  5. Go for it! I have a monogram speedy 30, when I'm not using my Bal bags I find my speedy to be a great bag to use. I don't have to worry about it as much and it's a great size!
  6. I used to wear ONLY shoulder bags myself, and was also a bit hesitant about my speedy mirage. but now I love the handbags!! it's really nice carrying such a pretty bag in the hand, and when I want my hands free I put in in the nick of my elbow... I love this look on girls very much, so I'm glad it turned out comfy! Also, you can get an extra long strap for the mono damier (it's dark brown) I got it for my mirage and use it when I really want my hands (and arms) free.
    So my verdict: GO GET IT!! lol...
  7. you went to South Coast plaza? Did you like them? I bought my first Speedy & also 1st LV there. I didn't really like the SA.WHy don't you try Elux? they ship before Christmas if you order today. Save on the tax too.I love the Damier speedy. I got the Azur instead, I should've go with the Damier.
  8. The Damier Speedy is really pretty and the one that seems to have been on your mind the most. Go for it! :smile:
  9. Great choice!
  10. I love my Damier 30. It's lots easier to carry around than I thought it would be, and so low maintenance. It also goes with everything. What a great Christmas gift to yourself. Try it on in the store, but I'm sure you're going to love it.
  11. Its a very popular item, and i'm not surprised it's sold out, especially this time of year.....I think if you check late next week, you will find alot more back in stock !!
  12. thanks everyone! i just bought the damier speedy but now i am contemplating on returning it due to the wrinkles underneath the handles...is this normal??
  13. DAMIER! This bag is in LV's permanent collection, so I'm sure it won't take too long for them to find you one.

    One more thing... while many on here have talked about it being an easy-to-maintain, all-weather, casual bag, I happen to think it is also one of the classiest bags around! I carry mine with a pastel pastilles bracelet, and the look is so finished and lovely. Hold out for yours -- you WON'T be disappointed!
  14. I'm DYING for mine. I've been stalking every online auction and retailer (ELux and Lv.com) for a month trying to get one. SIGH. I truly hope it's available by the end of next week-- only 30 left in the USA! I WANT ONE.

    And yes, you should get it. I had only ever had shoulder bags before my Speedies and I really love them both. Damier 30 is super chic and goes with everything. And if you don't want it.... give it to me! LOL!
  15. Damier is good!! My sis loves it , my mum loves it, i love it. So.. GO !! Hahaa..