Damier speedy 30 or new neverfull mm

  1. Opinons please march is almost here maybe the Damier neverfull will be here, I have only mono bags and want to dip into damier trying to choose between damier speedy 30 or the neverfull MM handheld or shoulder carry does not bother me. thanks for your opinons.
  2. I would go for the damier Neverfull if it comes out. I'm really wanting one of those as well.
  3. I believe if you're waiting for the Damier Neverfull you're going to have to wait a little while longer...so if you don't mind the wait and the waitlist I'd go for the new Neverfull...just cuz it's new!
  4. Damier Neverfull!
  5. i'd get the speedy..it's just a classic. i'm not a fan of the neverfull.
  6. Neverfull! :yes:
  7. They are both terrific bags. If you don't own a Speedy, I would get that. Also, the Neverfull could be delayed - you just never know!
  8. damier speedy definitely. I loooveee mine!!!!
  9. I would go with damier speedy first and then the Neverful.
  10. The Damier Neverfull's actual release date is unclear..... we've heard May or summer or even year 2009 (yikes). So, unless you have a lot of patience, go for the Speedy!!!! It's a classic!!! You can always get the Damier Neverfull later..... It's reasonably priced!
  11. I'd go for the SPEEDY as I'm not a fan of the Neverfull.

    Lets us know what you decide. :flowers:
  12. I think the damier speedy is awesome!
  13. Damier Neverfull's release date is June 1. My SA said they are doing wait list for this already. She had the prices also, sorry I did not ask those as I just purchased 2 bags in damier. Waiting impatiently for this in Azur....no release date for that
  14. damier Neverfull
  15. One more vote for the damier speedy! :tup: