Damier speedy 30 or Montorgueil PM

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  1. My sister is indecisive. She doesnt mind either handheld or shoulder bag. I suggested the Damier speedy but she doesnt trust my judgement :girlsigh:LOL Opinions from LV experts needed. Which would you get?
  2. I'd get the Damier Speedy ~ no vachetta to worry about!
  3. monty PM wins my vote!!
  4. Monty wins mine too!
  5. speedy if i will to choose.
  6. Montorgueil, but i will go for GM!
  7. Tough choice! I love them both, but leaning more towards the Monty because it's a shoulder bag!
  8. will go for speedy 30....:tup:
  9. Montorgueil gm
  10. I Agree with SweetPurple. I'd definitely go for the Speedy 30 since there's no vachetta to worry about.:tup: Besides, the Speedy is such a classic; it's a must have to every LV collection.
  11. Errh Tough Choice.......Damier Speedy is more classic..but I think Montorgueil for now.
  12. monty!
  13. I'd go Damier Speedy 30....

    then buy the Monty later on :tup:
  14. Monty!
  15. Monty :smile: