damier speedy 30 or mini lin speedy 30?

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  1. i'm going to order one or the other tonight but i can't decide which! :confused1:
  2. I personally like the damier speedy! The mini lin is too dark for me! Good luck deciding though.
  3. Mini lin!
  4. mini lin 30!
  5. mini lin!!!
  6. Mini Lin is gorgeous, but I worry about the fabric snaring...

    Damier Speedy is stunning, but I worry about the red lining bleeding...

    LOL I would still get Damier though :smile:
  7. damier definantely!!
  8. Damier all the way! :smile:
  9. Damier
  10. both are beautiful but I prefer the mini lin!
  11. Damier!!
  12. Damier is a classic.
  13. Get the mini lin...I have both and I am soooooo loving the mini lin. Its a lot more durable than you would expect. My kids have played around with it, I carry it every day (since I bought it) and so far no sign of wear. PLUS the handles are super soft...unlike the handles of the Damier & Mono speedies...Get it!!!!!
  14. Tough choice. Because of the bleeding problem, I'm kind of off Damier Speedy. And I'm trying to convince myself of Mini Lin's fabric's durability...


    I'd choose Mini Lin.
  15. i have the damier and it's fabulous. :smile: