Damier Speedy 30 or Damier Papillon 30??

  1. Hi, I am ready to make my next purchase but I cant decide between the speedy 30 or papillon 30 in Damier....Help!!!!!:girlsigh:
  2. I'd go with the Speedy, just because while I LOVE the shape of the Papillon, it does kind of get on my nerves when it bumps into things.
    It just depends on which shape draws your attention more..I just really LOVE the Speedy in Damier.
    But either way, you'll get a great bag!
  3. I vote for the Damier Speedy! :smile:
  4. speedy..
  5. is anyonr bothered by the sag on the speedy??? or am i just weird??
  6. i hate the sagging, but i put a piece of cardboard at the bottom to prevent it :yes:

    i have both the Speedy 25 and Papillon in Damier, so it's a tough choice. but i love the shape of the Papillon, plus it comes with the cute little baby Papillon :love:
  7. does it make it look fake if there isnt a "sag" look? but thats a really good idea...
  8. no, it won't looks fake. it'll probably just look really full :lol:
  9. whats a purseket? i saw you suggested it on another thread
  10. i don't know how to explain it without getting it wrong, so i'll let the pictures do the talking. you can also check it out at purseket.com
    purseket 004.jpg purseket 002.jpg purseket 003.jpg
  11. oh, ok...what color did you get? Red? What size for the speedy 30?
  12. mine's red, and medium for my Speedy 25
    i think you need the large for the Speedy 30
  13. im actually debating between the 25 or 30...im 5'3 at 110. is the 30 too big? im thinking big is in..
  14. I definitely don't think it's too big. I have a picture of me with my 30 (I'm 5'3) in the visual aids thread and I think it looks nice. I was going to get the 25 but realized the 30 wasn't as gigantic as it first looked.
  15. i can't go any bigger than the 25. the 30 looks silly on me, and i'm only 5'4"