Damier Speedy 30 or Damier Berkeley??

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    Hi Girls! I love damier speedy 30 and Berkeley but I only have one option to buy this whole year. Please help me choose which one to consider? Also, can I buy it directly from Louis Vuitton store without having a waitlist? Thankyou!
  2. I would choose the speedy and an accessory/wallet since the Berkeley is more then the speedy.
  3. Berkeley.....you might want to call your local boutique and see if they have one in stock.
  4. Thankyou everyone for the advice!! I'm going to buy the damier speedy 30 for its more light on weight ,because I tried the damier berkeley and its a little heavier.
  5. Good choice, I personally like the speedy more than the berkeley. The berkeley is so similar but the price tag is quite higher. Since it is structured it also appears bulkier than the speedy.
  6. ITA, I'd buy the Speedy + a wallet or something instead of the Berkeley. :yes:
  7. I personally chose the speedy 30 because its classic & elegant! :love:
  8. Good choice on the Speedy! I love the look of the Berkeley but I think it would be too structured for me. Can't wait to see your new bag! :smile:
  9. speedy for me. berkley seems like speedy too, like her sister. not so much difference just the price. also I think berkley is like a doctor bag:smile:))
  10. I like the Berkeley, but it all depends on how much you are wanting to spend..
  11. you HAVE TO, HAVE TO choose the BERKLEY!!! you HAVE TOO!!!!
  12. I was on the waiting list for the Berkeley from the time it was called the "sporty." When it came in, I was so excited, but then I went and saw it and didn't care for it at all. It's so structured and kind of boxy. I like my Damier Speedy SO much more. For the price of a Berkeley, you could get the Speedy and a beautiful full size wallet like a zippy, and a cles!

    I was disappointed not to like it after all the waiting, but I just didn't.
  13. Definitely the speedy plus maybe a wallet and/or cles. The Berkeley is very similar and so much more expensive.
  14. I would go with the Speedy...definitely a classic.
  15. speedy!