Damier Speedy 30 or Azur 30????

May 27, 2006
So since xmas is coming up really sooon!
I've been searching & searching for an LV that catches my eye.
I haddddd a damier 25 but I needed the money; so I sold it to a friend (plus it was too small for me.)
My first LV was a mono 30 & I just love the size.
I don't have any damier at all (my sister took back the marais she gave for my bday cus she uses it more than me.)

So ladies........... Damier 30 or Azur 30??
I love the Damier because I don't have to worry about the leather.
I can use it in the rain this up coming winter season!
But the Azur is so.. young & freshhhhh.
I'm just scared of it turning blue! (I wear jeans almost everyday, so the color might rub off onto the purse)

Sooooo?? Any suggestions?


Sep 1, 2006
Get the damier 30 first since u did say that u sold it under circumstances and u r rite..it'll be easier to care for in winter...get the azur later and u can use the opportunity to see if there's any more color transfer problem with the azur. Either way, both beauties!


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Mar 4, 2006
i just ordered a damier speedy 30 from a friend who's going home from italy! :smile: but i like the azur too. hehe

Bag Fetish

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Mar 28, 2006
the land of cold!
several members have mentioned bleeding, the red dye is rubbing off onto other items in their bags.
when you go and purchase your damier i'd take a white cotton cloth you with you, rub down the inside of the bag and see if you have an bleeding/rub off.