Damier Speedy 30 or 25???? HELP?

  1. Finally have the money, now I have to decide which to buy!

    HELP! :confused1:
  2. Damier speedy 30!.. I love mine to pieces!
  3. It depends, if you want a bag with big opening and rommier as everyday bag, get damier speedy 30 . If you want cute bag and have enough room for essentials, get 25. Check visuals thread and speedy gonzales club. You will will see so many people with speedies. YOu also can search the threads in the forum. We have discussed this so so many times.
  4. 30! i love that size!
  5. I vote for the 30. It's a great size.
  6. I had the same dilemma, I bought the 25 and then 2 days later took it back for the 30. The opening on the 25 is just too small for my tastes, if you are going to carry quite a bit of stuff I recommend the 30. I was able to fit the newest Vogue mag in there today, and those magazines are big (on top of having a book, my wallet and a large makeup bag in it already)
  7. Well...how tall are you? I think it really depends on how it looks on you cause you don't want it to look like a piece of luggage...
  8. 30 :smile:
  9. I like the damier speedy in 25. Mono in 30
  10. I'm 5'5"

    I looked at the reference pics, very helpful. I think I may go with the 30.
    You ladies are great :yes:
  11. I also have a damier in 25 and mono in 30.
  12. it's true, i am able to put books or magazines, plus wallet, extra shirt, cellphones, unmbrella, etc. inside the speedy 30. :yes:
  13. I'd go with the 30.
  14. i think 25 looks great.!
  15. 25