Damier speedy 30...my new baby is here !!!

  1. Hi everyone !!!! my turn !!!

    I just got home from the store. I apologize for blurry pictures, my cell phone cam isn't that good I guess.

    She's at home and looking very pretty..
    I think my cat loves it as well, better not pee on it..
    damier1a.JPG damier2a.JPG damier3a.JPG
  2. Congrats! You look great! And so does your cat - good taste!
  3. Yay!! It looks very good on you. Congrats!! Your cat is too cute.
  4. GORGEOUS!!!:love:
  5. yay, another one with the Speedy of the day.....

    btw, how did u get the box??? i asked for it and the SA wouldn't give it to me... she said that there have none...:sad:
  6. I didn't ask for it. She knows I like to walk around the mall with big bag LOL
    My cats love to be inside Lv boxes and bags..they are playing now..:love:
  7. congrat!! is it the 30 or the 35?
  8. Thanks,it's 30
  9. Beautiful!
  10. Fabulous!
  11. The bag is gorgeous! And so is your cat (is it a persian?)! Congratulations!
  12. Thanks,yes she is , Persian exotic short hair. In good days she looks like garfield
  13. wow, it looks soooo good, congrats -enjoy it!
  14. thanks
  15. I picked up my Damier Speedy 30 and it's made in France. SA told me the first batch were all made in France but the next shipment might be made in USA and Spain. Can't take picture right now, I'm still at work.