Damier Speedy 30, Mono Lockit or Mono Alma? PLEASE HELP

  1. Hey Everyone,

    I can't decide on what to get next. I may get two LV's and forfeit the Gucci 'Chain' Bag I've had my eye on, but I'd like to have others' input. So please let me know which ones you like and why.

    1. Speedy 30 (Damier)
    2. Lockit (Mono)
    3. Alma (Mono)

    The Cons for me are that:
    The Speedy is more common of the LV bags so your likely to see it almost everywhere and the base on the Lockit and Alma are very likely to get dirty easily.

    The Pros however are that:
    The Damier (Speedy) isn't as common as the Mono (Speedy) therefore it tends to stand out, I like the Lockit' design and you can just throw it over your shoulder, the Alma on the other hand has a classy look. Please help
  2. I'd say Damier Speedy coz Speedy is a classic and getting it in Damier will make it low maintenance.

    Sounds like you're considering a handheld bag, have you considered the upcoming Tivoli?
  3. I love the speedy! I don't like the fact that the lockit and the alma have leather on the bottom!
  4. I vote damier speedy all the way! Damier is maintenance free and more subtle IMO and you wont have to worry about getting stains and all that. I tend to lean towards LV bags that have minimal vachetta on them. Mono alma and lockit have vachetta at the bottom so you have to be extra cautious.
  5. The Lockit and Alma are two of my fave styles... I say go for those two.

    Good luck with the decision! :smile:
  6. i love lockit and alma...but i like the damier. so id get the speedy.
  7. I love speedies. I always go back to them. I've been wanting a lockit too but I think speedy would be a better choice.
  8. All of those would be good choices (I know that doesn't help), but you should try on and see what suits you best. I think that the alma is a good conservative looking work bag. The damier speedy and the lockits are good everyday, going to the mall or doing whatever, bags. If it were me I would get the speedy and the alma.
  9. The Damier speedy is a gorgeous low maintenance bag!
  10. I like the speedy and the lockit. You should get both.