damier speedy 30 handles wrinkly?

  1. I recently purchased a damier speedy 30 from a LV boutique, and the handles near the stitchings are slightly wrinkly. Is this normal? I only have monogram canvas bags, and none of them are like this. TIA!
  2. I only have a damier Duomo and its handles aren't wrinkly, I can't see that LV would make the handles of the damier Speedy 30 any different...but I could be mistaken.
  3. my damier 25 handles are a bit wrinkly on the understand of the handle where it curves and meets the stitches, i thought that it was normal.
  4. Mine are wrinkly underneath too - It's normal.
  5. It's normal
  6. Yeah I guess it is "normal," but I've had my bag for no more than a month and the handles started chipping. I am not really upset about it though... it's not a Mono piece. Mono pieces I over obsess about... If you are like me, just becareful to not have nails that are too long or anything that will scratch it and cause it to chip.
  7. Yes, my 25 has the wrinkles on the underside, one handle more so than the other. Some wrinkling on the handles is normal for that leather. The Damier leather is thicker than the vachetta leather and this is why. As far as chipping, there was a member less than a month ago who took her bag into LV because of chipping on both handles and they exchanged it for a new one. some wrinkling is normal, chipping is not.
  8. let me check mine tonight. i never gave any though to the handles. only in TPF, you get to know your bag inside out :smile:
  9. Mine arent wrinkly on my 25 or on the Trevi...hmmm:shrugs:
  10. yep, that was moi :yes:

    wrinkling is normal, especially if you carry loads in your bag like i do. the damier leather is thicker 'bridle' leather and is harder to shape. due to the fact that the speedies handles are short, the thicker leather has to be curved more, which can result in wrinkling. my damier 30 had a little chip out of the finish, and so lv replaced it for me. they also told me that wrinkling on the speedies is normal. my new new speedy 30 started to get wrinkles while travelling cuz the bag was always totally stuffed! my speedy 25 has slight wrinklage too. don't worry about it.;)