Damier Speedy 30 base support

  1. I really don't like it when my speedy sags.. so for the time being I made a cutout out of a cardboard box (usps box I had) to fit nicely at the bottom of my bag to give it a nice flat support.. and I taped it all up (edges and the surfaces to keep it smooth.. but I was wondering if I should just keep using the cardboard or pay a little extra money on eBay and buy the leather(?) supporter thats on there (specifically made for the damier speedy 30) it's in red to match and everything..

    I ask this is because i'm worried that maybe the taped up cardboard is too.. harsh(?) for the material inside.. and the leather might be a little softer or something..

    Any comments would be lovely!

  2. I used a piece of corrugated cardboard from a mailing box and also taped it up with transparent packing tape. Actually, I use two pieces of cardboard for my Speedys. I think it's fine. No sense in wasting money on a leather base. I've never had a problem with my cardboard base.

    For my Neverfull MM, I actually used the LV cardboard box as a base (yes, I cut up an actual LV box!).
  3. I bought the base shaper online. It was less than $20, and a great investment. It was easy to install, well made and matches the interior. I actually didn't use my Speedy until the base shaper arrived.
  4. I don't use anything but a member mentioned the use of a dvd case. The base is a great idea, I saw some on eBay.
  5. perhaps go to the fabric store an get an odd end of material and cover your cardboard with that. This way you could get something bright and it will brighten up your bag. I would just use the cardboard. I would never pay 20$ + shipping to have a stiffer surface on the bottom of my bag, No when I could make something myself at home..Not to mention Who see's it? Your stuff is covering it anyway.

    here is what i did with an old magazine just to add color and brightness to my bag,

    IMG_5957.jpg IMG_5958.jpg IMG_5959.jpg IMG_5961.jpg
  6. Well, I bought the speedy base shaper in the creme color to place in the bottom of my denim patchwork speedy. The base shaper was great when I got it, made of leather, with seams and rounded corners....

    But it didn't fit inside the patchwork speedy.....probably because this item is a limited edition, and for some reason, the base shaper was just too large for it......so I returned it, for a full refund ( i got it on ebay).

    What I ended up doing was using the light colored cardboard from one of my Vuitton boxes and making it like the shape of the speedy base shaper on ebay....and I custom fit it to fit the bottom of the denim patchwork and it has been a perfect shape to carry ever since!

    Either way, I'm like you......I'm not a fan of the saggy "jessica simpson saggy speedy" look, so regardless of what you do, a bottom on the speedy will always improve it's appearance...

    Let us know what you do! Good luck!
  7. There are a ton of threads on this. I love the sag of a speedy!
  8. Oo! I really like the idea of getting my own material and just wrapping up the cardboard with it for a smoother surface! ^^;

    Thank you all!
  9. Here's what I did!

    I took a extra pillowcase I had and cut out a corner section of it.. and flipped it inside out and sew on the open-side and fliped it back inside out so you have a seamless 3-closed edges and for the 4th side i just folded it over and sewed it on the bottom part! That parts ugly! So I didn't take a picture of that! XD! But here's what the end product was. ^^


    I'm totally loving it!
  10. I'm too lazy and not as crafty with the sewing machine as the ladies here so I just bought a base. Let-trade is also selling them now for cheaper if you're interested. I just like the man-made leather base idea...I'm a sucker for marketing.. Lol!
  11. I made a base out of one of my LV hard boxes.... use it in all my speedies, works great! Why spend the $$ when you can make one for free?
  12. I have the same bag and I used my old BRIGHT RED binder to cut it into a base. It matches perfectly with the red interior. My friends did not even notice I had a base inside. They thought it came with the bag! I also used white tap on the edges. I don't have any problems with it. I believe you should be fine as long as the base is not too tight, as in it still kinda loose along the bag. Do you know what I mean? :/
  13. no, should be fine