Damier Speedy 30 anywhere in US?

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  1. I called the 866 # and the lady wouldn't even look! Has anyone seen one in stores? Thanks!
  2. NO but if you call your local store they can look to see if any are coming in this week . Thats how I got mine on Friday. you will have to leave your credit card info with the store so when it comes in you will be charged and them you can pick it up..
  3. They wont do it. She said they aren't allowed to do that and other stores shouldn't be doing that. Ugh...
  4. I called the local boutique here in Houston yesterday to reserve a bag and they refused to do it. She said that they are no longer taking reservations due to the company wide shortage!!
  5. I had the same trouble ordering my NF. So I called up the SAs at all 4 boutiques around here everyday :biggrin: One of them while looking for the stock in other stores told me there are a couple available online..so i booked it then. they should atlesat be able to tel you if the other stores around have any in stock..although they can't say when they expect to get a speedy.
  6. I just bought my Damier Ebene Speedy 30 last week. I called the 2 nearest stores & they weren't in stock, nor were they helpful in providing when or where I could locate one. I called another store 2hrs south & got a very friendly SA. She didn't have one in stock but was expecting later in the afternoon, so I paid & took the day off to pick up the following morning. I truly don't understand why they don't have in stock since the Speedy is a Classic. I wonder if the Speedy is on the list to increase in price so they aren't stocking up until after the increase???
  7. I called the 1866 last week and the lady was nice enough to track one down for me, all the way in CA Palm Spring! She connect me to the store manager there, I paid over the phone and finally got it today, it took a week to get here.
  8. Hi, I was dropping off my vernis wallet to be reglazed(grrrr). Anyway, I was going to purchase the monogram speedy 35. They were out of stock but I wanted to check the size of the 30 vs 35. The didn't have a damier 35 but they did have the 30 in Damier at the northbrook IL boutique. I saw it with my own eyes! Good luck finding it! I just bought a 30 damier and a 35 speedy via eBay-love them both!
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    Was this as of yesterday?

    eta: Called the store and they don't have one :sad: Still looking..
  10. A week ago I also called the 866 number and since it was my first purchase they would not track one down nor order it for me over the phone. So I called the nearest store to me which was in New York City and they were all sold out but for me to try the lv in saks. So I called the one in miami and they were sold out but she looked at her shipment and said I have one that is supposed to be coming in this afternoon. She was so nice and called me when it came in that afternoon and shipped it out the very next morning. So that is a thought and saks can track one down for you as well from a different location.:biggrin:
  11. In response to jamiet's post ^^^^^^^ I called saks in NY, they told me Bal Harbor LV in Florida has speedy 35 in damier ebene, but they won't ship it up to me in New York. Good luck if you live in Florida, go get it!
  12. How frustrating! Why won't they ship it to you LexLV?
  13. They said due to the shortage, they are not taking phone orders or shipping out of state so that they can have the merchandise in the store for customers who physically want to shop there. I think its ridiculous that my money isn't considered as valuable as someone who walks into the store - we are all LV lovers, they shouldn't discriminate based on geographic location!:nono:
  14. I agree! I put my name down at my local boutique and they are quoting me until AFTER Thanksgiving until they will be getting. I really hope it doesn't take that long. I keep hoping one pops up online.
  15. I was able to place a phone order with my local LV (Portland OR) for the damier neverfull GM......They said that you have to of been a customer in their system for at least a year and that I would have to pay by credit card over the phone and pay shipping. I was lucky enough to receive one of 4 in the US - the SA even called to make sure the store (Vegas) had the actual bag before placing the phone order. I dont know who you guys are dealing with but phone orders are possible......