damier speedy 25

  1. I love my mono speedy 35 but I think I will get a smaller bag soon. Does a damier 25 sound like a reasonable choice? I don't own any damier pieces, my mum and fiance do but I always thought it's a bit too masculine. Any opinions?
  2. It's a great bag in the rain; durable. Will 25 be okay size wise for you? I have the 25, kind of wishing for the 30, but the 25 is really cute.
  3. i love my Damier Speedy 25. it's very durable and it's all-weather
  4. Yes! I love my Damier Speedy 25! And, no, I don't think it is masculine at all.
  5. Just got one and it has become my fave bag. Very classy and loks great dressed up with Juicy Charms to be fun and feminine!!!
  6. I love mine, the size and how it holds up in the rain. And I don't think it looks masculine. Very classy and understated.
  7. I love mine, it's a great size. It holds alot.
  8. I've got one too and LOVE it. I don't think it looks masculine IRL b/c of the size.
  9. I was thinking the same thing, esp. if you're use to the 35.