Damier Speedy 25 or other suggestions for Vday prez!

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  1. ok, i went into LV on thursday and tried the speedys out.:yes: I loved the 25 and decided yep! this will be my first LV and my Vday prezzie!:yahoo:

    BUT.. then i thought everyone seems to have speedys, any other suggestions for a bag, not mono:push: but anything else! sort of handheld bag not huge!
    its my first LV so please could I have some advice on the best bag to get first!!!:yahoo:

  2. Well if you have tried the speedy 25 and like it, then may I suggest you explore the full range? E.g. the Azur in speedy 25, the epi speedy 25 in all. the different colors etc. Don't worry about everyone having a 25....I don't, I have the 30! :roflmfao:
  3. white mc Trouville, Damier papillon, Azur speedy, Vernis Roxbury drive(Perle or Pomme) :smile:
  4. trouville is nice! do they do it in damier? im too scared to have a mc one!
  5. Your wishlist denotes a Damier 30 - why not that? You don't really see alot of those, at least I don't..
  6. The Damier speedy is not as common as the mono, and it is an amazing LV start! and as fora apresent? IT is amazing! You will have it for the rest of your life,a dn you will always think of who gave it to you!!!!!

    BUT, se ifyou can get a heart cles whileyou are at it too.......... nothing says v-day liek a heart!
  7. Have the Damier 25 and LOVE it. So easy to use, goes with everything, and not too much care involved!

    Happy Valentine's Day!
  8. If you like the damier print, I say go to the duomo!
  9. get the azur speedy !!
  10. Keep the damier it's beautiful! And though you see lots of people with speedies, you dont see alot of people with damier. Congrats on your purchase!
  11. A lot of people have Speedies because they're great bags!!! I love my Epi Speedy, check them out! Damier is another fantastic choice (I want a Damier Speedy or Pap at some point). I also adore Azur Speedies, and that is probably what I would get if I was going to get another Speedy right now!!
  12. I really like the speedy.
  13. I would get the the speedy, my first was a mono 25 and I still love it today it's a great bag perfect for all ages and fits loads it will last you forever. The damier will give you more versatility because you don't have to stress about rain.
  14. Get what your heart fell for first: the Damier Speedy!!
  15. damier Azur Speedy 25"