Damier speedy 25 or Damier Azur????

  1. Hi everyone! I need a little help, my boyfriend is gonna get me a speedy 25 but I can't decide which one. Damier or damier azur??? this will be my first lv bag so I cant decide. I like the damier b/c is classy and I can use it in the winter/summer, the damier azur is lighter is more of a summer color. Will the azur turn yellow?...Please help :s

    Thanks :yes:
  2. Hi! Welcome to TPF! Being it your first LV Speedy 25 you might want to consider the Damier ebene for a year round bag. The Azur is a little more difficult to wear for many peeps. Maybe you should try them boht on IRL to make a better choice. Sweet bf! Good luck!
  3. Welcome!! I :heart: Azur but I agree with pinkiwhatever, the regular Damier's probably easier to use year round. Umm... can you get both? :graucho:
  4. I'd go with the Azur..it's so pretty and I haven't noticed any color change at all with my pochette. You should be safe with that one :yes:
  5. First bag?? I'd choose the reg. Damier, but I also LOVE the azur!!!
  6. I would go with the azur for the Spring and Summer and then maybe save up for the other one for the fall.
  7. I say azur! I love my speedy. I don't think it'll turn colors, haven't noticed any.
  8. go for Azur!
  9. I vote for the original Damier! It's good all year 'round!
  10. I prefer original damier because I think it is more versatile. But I also wear a lot of darker clothing, so the azur might be better for someone with a lighter wardrobe.
  11. Damier ebene aka original damier. Classy and timeless as the LV mono. LV azur is just a fad. I have the speedy 25 in damier and dress it up and down. I don't get as many looks on it as I do when I wear my Popincourt Haut. Classy and low-profile.
  12. Azur !!!!!!!!
  13. hard decision! but for 1st one I'll choose damier
  14. Welcome :flowers:
    As a first LV, I'd get the regular Damier... though I love Azur.
  15. I'd go with damier instead of the azur, just because you should get a wardrobe staple first ! :yes: