Damier Speedy 25 or 30???


Oct 11, 2006
i want to get one...i have a speedy 30 mono and LOVE the size but i didnt know if it was a little much in the damier...i see sooo many cute pics of the 25 in damier and it looks great....but i just love my 30 so much!!! HELP!!!!!:shrugs:

p.s. im 5'6" & 125 lbs. so..i can handle a big bag. i know a lot of ppl on here are a lot smaller than me. :crybaby:
Oct 13, 2006
what about the Azur speedy? I love mine, but if you are happy w/30, perhaps you might not get used to 25 as the opening is smaller. If you do a search, there's tons of threads about the good ol 30VS25 battle :smile:


Nov 28, 2006
Does anyone have both the Damier in 25 & 30? I use the 30 for work and love it but it is a bit big as a weekend/evening handbag and I was thinking of the Mono 25 but would probably use the Damier more as it is a bit more subtle and low-key for my small town (just IMO and I have the Cabas Piano so do love the mono as well!!). It just seems a bit overkill to have both Damier 25 & 30 but I'm very tempted - as I've said the 30 is good for work as I can fit tons of things in the bag but it's a bit large for my social life when I carry much less. I'm nearly 5'4 :yes: and 134 lbs (yes, I know, need to lose some weight!). Damier for me works as it seems to go with everything - smartish for work/dark clothes but also good with jeans etc. The Azur would be fab but we get a lot of rain/bad weather in Scotland (lol!) and I would prefer a year-round bag. Epi would also be great if they still did the gold hardware - the silver just isn't appealing to me. Sorry for the ramble but would love to know if anyone else has both the 25 & 30 in Damier and uses both regularly!


The Odd Mod
Apr 19, 2006
I have the Damier 25 and prefer it over the 30 - IMO, Damier does not look that great when it is all saggy. I have cardboard and a Purseket in my 25 to help retain its shape.

Mono on the other hand looks awesome sagging a bit!


Feb 15, 2006
I also have the mono speedy 30...and back in July I got the damier speedy 30..Love, Love, Love it!!! I'm 5'10" and about 155 lbs. I looked at the 25 but just felt it was too small for me. I'm so wanting a mono 35 now!!

Let us know what u decide & good luck!!! Other than saving for them, deciding is the hardest part (heh heh) ;)