Damier Speedy 25 or 30???

  1. i want to get one...i have a speedy 30 mono and LOVE the size but i didnt know if it was a little much in the damier...i see sooo many cute pics of the 25 in damier and it looks great....but i just love my 30 so much!!! HELP!!!!!:shrugs:

    p.s. im 5'6" & 125 lbs. so..i can handle a big bag. i know a lot of ppl on here are a lot smaller than me. :crybaby:
  2. what about the Azur speedy? I love mine, but if you are happy w/30, perhaps you might not get used to 25 as the opening is smaller. If you do a search, there's tons of threads about the good ol 30VS25 battle :smile:
  3. get the 25! that way ya have some kind of variety and imo the damier looks cuter in the 25.
  4. well i am def gonna get the azur in the 25....but what about the regular??
  5. i like damier in 25
  6. 25 in regular Damier, but Damier also looks best w/papillon if you want Damier, but not another speedy :smile:
  7. i'd get the 30...
  8. I personally love the size of the 30. I have it in the regular Damier and mono. The 25 is just too small for me.
  9. 25 in Damier ebony, the 30 might look like luggage for your size and weight...
  10. Personally, I use the speedy 25 as my evening bag, and the speedy 30 as my day time bag :smile:
  11. Does anyone have both the Damier in 25 & 30? I use the 30 for work and love it but it is a bit big as a weekend/evening handbag and I was thinking of the Mono 25 but would probably use the Damier more as it is a bit more subtle and low-key for my small town (just IMO and I have the Cabas Piano so do love the mono as well!!). It just seems a bit overkill to have both Damier 25 & 30 but I'm very tempted - as I've said the 30 is good for work as I can fit tons of things in the bag but it's a bit large for my social life when I carry much less. I'm nearly 5'4 :yes: and 134 lbs (yes, I know, need to lose some weight!). Damier for me works as it seems to go with everything - smartish for work/dark clothes but also good with jeans etc. The Azur would be fab but we get a lot of rain/bad weather in Scotland (lol!) and I would prefer a year-round bag. Epi would also be great if they still did the gold hardware - the silver just isn't appealing to me. Sorry for the ramble but would love to know if anyone else has both the 25 & 30 in Damier and uses both regularly!
  12. since you already have the Monogram 30, you could get the Damier in 25. i'm 5'4" at 110lbs, and the only size i can pull off is the 25.
  13. I say 25 too!
  14. I have the Damier 25 and prefer it over the 30 - IMO, Damier does not look that great when it is all saggy. I have cardboard and a Purseket in my 25 to help retain its shape.

    Mono on the other hand looks awesome sagging a bit!
  15. I also have the mono speedy 30...and back in July I got the damier speedy 30..Love, Love, Love it!!! I'm 5'10" and about 155 lbs. I looked at the 25 but just felt it was too small for me. I'm so wanting a mono 35 now!!

    Let us know what u decide & good luck!!! Other than saving for them, deciding is the hardest part (heh heh) ;)