Damier Speedy 25 or 30?

  1. For all of you with the damier speedy which size is better and why? I'm thinking about getting one but I can't decide on the size. TIA:girlsigh:

    Dang elux is "improving" again what is the price of each?
  2. Check out the past threads & the damier club or speedy gonzalez club...there are lots of pics.

    I bought the 25 just because it felt more comfortable than the 30, i wasnt used to such a big hand held bag. But everyone who has a 30 looks so good carrying it....its just a matter or personal preference. Try them on and see how you feel
  3. I'd get the 30 if I have the $$$ right now.
  4. i ahve a 30 but its more of a personal preference than a what people recommend. I thought i wanted a 25 until i tried them both on at the store. Then i loved the 30. its all about how it looks on you. So i say try them on and go from there
  5. i have a mono 30 and i think its a lil big for my size. i love love love the size of 25, and thus, im getting the damier speedy 25 next week.

    It just depends on whether u prefer a bigger bag, or a small bag. they both look great anyway!
  6. 30!!

    I think the 25's are a little small!

    I have the 30 in both Damier and Monogram, I love them both!!
  7. i have the 25 in Mono and Damier. i find that the 30 is too big for me, and it looks silly on me too. the 25 is already enough to fit my entire life in it.
  8. I think the 25 looks better than the 30 in Damier - smaller=more structured. IMO, Damier canvas looks better on styles that are very structured.
  9. I love my 25. You really do need to try both on. :yes:
  10. Personal preference!!!
    Best thing is to try them both on - My friend wanted a 30 for so long, she was dead set on getting the 30, and then when we went to the store and she tried them both on, she changed her mind and got the 25!

    :heart: :heart: :heart:
  11. i personally prefer the 30 because it's roomier.
  12. It really depends on how tall you are. If you are on the taller side, get the 30 definitly. One SA told me that most of her clients go back and exchange to a 30 after they purchased a 25. The opening on the 25 is smaller so it's harder to get into the bag compared to the 30. The 25 is really cute though. I got a 30 and I am :heart: ing it!!!!! :yahoo:
  13. Unless you are very petite, go for the 30
  14. I'm 5'4" and prefer the 25. In this particular style, anything larger would look silly on me. I love how the 30 looks on others, though! Wish I could carry it off.
  15. I have both! I generally like my 30 better, though. The 25 is cute but it isn't big enough for me to use on a day to day basis....