Damier speedy 25 or 30?

  1. That's it, I've picked my next bag and am ready to order. I don't have any speedies or damier so pick one for me because I'm going to get one :wlae: and I can't go back and forth anymore between the two!
  2. I have a 30. But I think it depends how much stuff you carry. My bag is always stuffed so the 30 was a good size for me.
  3. go for 30.
  4. Personally I prefer the mono in 30 and the damier in 25 BUT if you are only getting one speedy then get the 30.
  5. i prefer the 25, but that's probably only because i'm 5'4" and anything bigger looks laughable on me
  6. :smile: I'm 5'4" too
  7. first of all 5'4" is nothing to sneeze at, many of the celebs we look at carrying these bags are barely close to that......the 30 is a great size, I'm considering the 30 in damier but I do have a 25 in epi.....if you want a more polished look go for the 25, to me it tends to look more stuctured.....I like how the bigger ones have more of an opportunity to slouch because we may not fill them to capacity...
  8. Plus I'm 5'6" (which isn't much taller than 5'4") and pretty petite, especially my arms....I carry a 35 mono canvas often and love it!
  9. It depends on the person.I am 5'8 and I have a 25 monogram, I think it looks fine on me. I am leaning toward a 30 in Damier, because I have a 25 in Monogram already.
  10. i'm voting for Damier 25 - its super cute!!!
  11. i say get the damier in the 25..
  12. 25!
  13. 30 its roomy!
  14. It depends on if it will look right on you or not. I'd go with the 30, more bang for my buck.
  15. i'm 5'3" and the damier speedy 25 that i have looks just fine, not too big, not too small!