Damier speedy 25 or 30?

  1. OK-I have really fallen in love with LV since being on this forum and have decided I am not buying anything else until I can get my first new LV bag.

    I LOVE the Damier and have decided on the Damier Speedy for my first one (I am saving for it-so, I will not be getting it right away). But, I like to dream early-LOL!

    Can't decide between the 25 and the 30-I originally thought I would get the 25-now I am not sure. So-help me, which one do you have and why? And, do you love it or are you sorry and wish you had gotten the other size for whatever reason? Thanks!
  2. I have the 30 and I think it's the perfect size for me. The 25 was small IMO. It's one of those on the run bags so it all depends on how much you're planning on running with.:biggrin:
  3. i have the 25 because it's big enough to hold everything i usually carry with me, and because the 30 was too big on me and looked silly
  4. I have the Damier 25 and I love it. It's also my first LV and I think it's a great introductory piece. I'm fairly tall (5'7") and I think the 25 is perfectly proportioned for me, and it holds an amazing amount of stuff. When I saw them in person, I was surprised at how large many of the LV bags are. The 30 looked almost like a travel bag to me, but I know lots of people love them. I vote for the 25!

    That said, I strongly encourage you to go to the shop in person and see them both. You don't have to buy on your first trip, it's OK just to check everything out. When you try a few of them on, you'll have your answer.
  5. I'm planning on buying the 25. I love my Cerises Speedy, its the perfect size for me.
  6. Ooh-that brings up a good question-how tall are you and which speedy do you carry? I am only 5'1"-would the 30 look silly on me?
  7. i'm 5'4" and like i said up there, the 30 looked silly on me. but then that's just me, so it may be different for you. i didn't buy my Speedy until i went to Manhattan and compared the two sizes in person
  8. I put my name down for the 30 because I felt the 25 was too small (I have the cerise speedy). I'm 5'2 but I carry alot of stuff so the 30 seemed the perfect size. I'm so excited to get a damier speedy, I just love:love: that bag!
  9. I originally ordered a 25 mono Speedy but thought it was too small and then ordered a 30 and thought it was too big. I ended up with a Batignolles Horizontal (which I love). Sometimes I'd still like to have a Speedy, though. I think if I ever do get one, I'll get a 25. The 25 looks kind of small, but in reality, it held all my stuff, plus a paperback book I sometimes take along with me. The BH is a big bag, and I'm not against big bags, but there's something about the shape of the Speedy that has me thinking the 30 looks too big, even though my BH would be bigger. As everyone else has said, if you can possible get to the boutique, try both on.

    Edited to add that I'm 5'2".
  10. I have the Damier Speedy 25 and I'm 5'6. I think it looks great with my height. I did find myself wanting a Mono Speedy 30 so I broke down and bought one. I already have the Mono Speedy 25. It is bigger than the 25, but I figure there maybe times when I want to stuff more in my bag.
  11. i'm 5'3 and i don't think the 30 is too big. i vote for speedy 30! :yes:
  12. 25 as I always think the 30 is too big for me so it really depends on what size you used to carry
  13. I vote for the 25! I have the mono speedy and love it - great proportion on me and I'm 5'4". 30 just seemed too big...at the time, but now that MC is lookin' good, hmmm.
  14. I have the 25 and it's perfect for me. I'm 5'8" but I don't carry a lot of stuff. I carry a paperback, a large wallet, a makeup bag, cell phone, plus assorted junk, and it's less than half full.
  15. I have the 25, but I need a 30. I need just a little more room.