Damier Speedies-- where are they made? Can someone pls urgently help

  1. Hi all

    I am wondering where the Damier Azur speedies are made? On the side of the bag I saw, it says "LOUIS VUITTON PARIS. MADE IN USA"

    Is this what is stamped on the original bag? as I am wondering is my friend's bag fake or real?

    Please confirm.

    Many thanks! =)
  2. They could say "made in USA" or france or spain :smile:
  3. My regular damier speedy 30 is made in USA btw.
    If you could get a picture of the tab it would indicate better if it is counterfit. The font on the writing is important
  4. Here is the pic...? Thanks
  5. It looks fine to me..
  6. is that pic from an eBay auction? the stamp on that tab looks real to me

    eta... my azur speedy was also made in the USA
  7. Looks good to me too