Damier Speedies are on the LV webpage

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  1. oh it's fabbbbbbbbbbb! omfg. i want it so bad now. i thought i didn't like the speedys since i only like bags that fit over my shoulder but oh my lord it just looks so chic in damier! it's on my want list FOR SURE!
  2. Thanks for sharing....I'm on a waiting list for the 30....can't wait!
  3. aaahhh....i've been checking every day so i'd be the first to see it! damn, why do i have to slppe til 2 p.m? lol
    it looks sooo cute, too bad there aren't any prices yet.
  4. Drool :love: :love: !
  5. Ahh !! Thanks for the heads up.. got to start saving those pennies now !
  6. it's so beautiful...i have got to get the 30
  7. Any ideas on price???
  8. Wow, those look great. :smile: I'm still deciding on my first Speedy, and this may be it. :smile:
  9. Thanks for posting the link!!!! It's a beauty!
  10. Yes! Yes! Yes!
  11. :love: :love: :love:
  12. Very nice! Wish I could get one of those up on my shoulder! LOL!
  13. *Sighs* Absolutely gorgeous. Can't wait til they're available. Thanks for posting the links.
  14. cute

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