Damier Speedddy Help!!!!!!!!!

  1. hiya. i just joined cuz a friend told me this site was amazing and yesssssss it isssssssss. im such a bag addict. i was on the marc tip and all of a sudden i went lv crazyyyyyyyyyyyy.

    in the last month i bought

    speedy 25 mono which i am so mad about since damier just came out..i had the 30 mono 3 years ago

    tressor wallet anddddddddddddddddd

    i went to hawaii on vaca and realized the prices and tax were cheaper so i bought pochette epi in black and bought another pochette mono to replace my old one...

    the lady gave me a catalog and i notices the new DAMIERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR speeedy!!

    i loveeeeeeeeeeeee ittttt...i dont know if i should buy or not..what do you guys think?? when is the price increase?
  2. I say you should buy it, And the price increase is on the 12th of june.
  3. Hi, welcome to PF.
    If you search Damier speedy in this forum, you will see on June 1st we had damier speedy frenzy.
    I got mono speedy 25 and 30 but it didn't stop me getting damier speedy 30 when it came out.
    Price hike will start on June 12th, get it now before it happens.
    It's not a crime to own more than one speedy. We have speedy gonzales club, I think you should Join..

  4. GOSH YOU ARE RIGHT! they called me when it came out since i put myself on the list....

    I WILL BUY!!! hehe so excited about this forum. my friends all think im crazy since all i do is buy bags hahaha

    im thinking of getting the keepall with it. do you know how much that is???

    im gonna get the 30. what do you think?
  5. does anyone have any idea on how much the price hike will be ??

  6. In Switzerland there will be no price increas this year, according to my SA. I asked him earlier this week specifically. Weird... but I'm glad ;)
  7. I am not sure how many % the price increase will be...

    Lucky you south of France...I love your country, Switzerland is one of our fav. place in europe. We are dreaming to live there someday...
  8. Welcome! Go for the damier, it's stunning
  9. Welcome to tpf!
    I got my Damier Speedy on Thursday..I seriously love it! Stares and compliments all around when I wore it out last night. Honestly, I'd snatch one up before the price hike, bc then you will be kicking yourself! ;) Good luck, let us know how it turns out.

    YEYEY...I got it!! The hawaii store will be shipping it to me...

    $565 no tax and $30 shipping made in france!

    i also got the keyring for my pochettes=) i thought that would add a bit of elegance to it....

    cant wait to get it. arriving on Wednesday...

    now my husband can kill me hahaha
  11. Congrats !!!! Great you get the first batch of bag, Made in France...I think the second batches are going to be Made in USA
    Not that matters
  12. We love enthusiastic newbies like you! Welcome!
  13. welcome to the PF and woo hoo!!! you've got your new Speedy!!!! congrats!!!! woo hoo!!!!
  14. I wore my Speedy Damier 30 today in the rain..thank god for a LV bag that doesnt stain in the rain!!LOL! I LOVE IT!