Damier SP vs. Neverfull MM

  1. I like both the damier sac plat and the neverfull mm/gm but i simply cant decide which one i want right now. Which do you think would be the best for a 17 year old guy?
  2. Neverfull mm or i'd wait until october and get the damier neverfull if you're wanting the damier more then the mono.
  3. I'm going to go with the Damier Sac Plat!
  4. The Neverfull is too girly IMHO.

    If I were you, I'd get the Damier Sac Plat... it's a gorgeous bag!
  5. i agree:yes:

  6. Second to John! NF is on the feminine side, I think you'll look good in SP for sure !!! :tup:
  7. I think that was the fastest anyone has made a choice on which bag to get.. LOL
  8. i was kinda thinking the sp too, but please keep the thoughts coming! TIA!
  9. What are your thoughts on the Damier Geant Cougar?
  10. The Cougar is in his wishlist :yes: and I think it would be a great bag to get!
  11. i love the couguar but im just not a huge fan of the handles theyre uncomfortable no matter where you put them and im really weird about interiors and i dont like how loose the lining on the couguar is, but i will keep thinking about it!
  12. I :heart: Sac Plat!
  13. i agree...i definatly think the neverfull is way to girly!
  14. i would wait for the damier neverfull to come out.
  15. Idk, after looking at the neverfull it seemed kinda girly but i did like the size!