Damier Sophie

  1. Hi all, after all these months, I'm still very keen on this bag sighz... does anyone have any idea it is confirm launching on 1st Nov in Japan?? If yes, what are the chances of someone who does not wait list gets to buy it there (walk-in customer I mean)? And my last resort is of course, from the eBay, but I've never purchase anything from it before. (yes, unbelievable right, haha) and heard so much stories. Last but not least, if any TPfer is considering selling theirs, hope can pm me. (I'm not sure if its ok to post such request here, just trying my luck) :p Even though, I know hardly anyone will be willing to let go of such a gem, especially its a LE. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi,

    My friend from Japan just informed me that the LV had asked him to collect the Sophie that I've asked him to help me buy. If you're still interested, please contact me and I'll see how I can help.
  3. Really?!!! Did your friend have to waitlist for it? How much was it in yen?

  4. No selling is allowed on tPF.
  5. Why is this only being released in Japan? It would such a great seller here!
  6. Sorry, didn't know that wasn't allowed. I was just trying to gather more information from fellow tPfer.

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  7. No problem!!! tPF's rules don't allow for selling of merchandise.

    If you have a friend in Hawaii, maybe they can contact LV/Hawaii to locate a Damier Sophie for you. (Probably not available anymore, but it's a shot!)
  8. Thanks alot for your advise peace43! :smile: Sad to say, I've no friends there & some on eBay is over my budget. Nevertheless, I am not giving up so soon! Its the process & not the end that matters! Wish me luck! :lol: