damier sophie?

  1. Hi everyone! ^_^

    This is my very first post in the LV forum, I'm actually a tokidoki and Coach girl. I was just wondering how "sought after" the Damier Sophie is, since I heard it was limited to Hawaii and Japan like the first Sophie that came out.

    A friend of mine on the mainland asked me to put my name on the waiting list for her to get the Sophie. The SA called me yesterday to say they have it in for me, so I called my friend. She told me her sister got it for her already. So what should I do? Should I get it myself? Is this a bag that's very popular or coveted?

    Thanks in advance!!
  2. if not for yourself, then you can sell it. this bag is extremely limited. i think even some on waiting lists couldn't get one.

    its a cute bag though :smile:
  3. Well, buy it if you really like it!! It's a cute bag and as long as you're going to use it, I say buy it! It's very hard to get and I read that their is less quantities of it than the mono Sophie when it was available.
  4. agree:yes:
  5. Only about 130 on island according to our sources so you're lucky to get called.
  6. Hey, rileygirl!! *lol*

    Wow, 130...? Well, I had put my name on the wait list moooooooonths ago... Well, I guess I need to go purchase it today. There's no way I'd keep it for myself because it's too dinky and I don't care for LV. I'm a medium/big bag girl. But I guess I'll get it for resell...
  7. you could probably fetch a good price for it too. i've heard extreme cases where someone sold a mono sophie for close to 900.
  8. ^^^ mono sophie has gone for $995.00. BUT~ I do think a resonable mark-up as a reseller is tops of $650.00. That is just my opinion though:okay:
  9. Yup. Monogram Sophie had 7,000 shipped here. I don't know if they're going to get more or what. I am keeping mine cuz I am an LV-aholic and just can't part with her.
  10. Wow-I can't believe so few. I felt so lucky to get my mono Sophie. This Damier one will never leave my "kung fu grip" now! I just wish it would hurry up & get here!
  11. LOL at kung fu grip :roflmfao:
  12. Get it!!! You might end up liking it!!
  13. I hate small bags, but I bought a mono Sophie for a vacation and I absolutely love it. You never know, you may like it!
  14. Oh, I already know I won't like it. My friend has the monogram Sophie and I don't like the style or size... I can't leave the house without my "stuff" and the Sophie would carry my wallet, phone, and not much else.

    I guess e-bay it shall go.
  15. if you buy it and don't like it, then you can sell it on eBay and buy a tokidoki or coach that you love with the profit.