Damier Sophie - where would this be launched?

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  1. Hi all, where can i find the damier sophie, i've missed the monogram canvas one...so please would you tell me where i can purchased this from, thanks.
  2. Guam, Japan, Hawaii

    I think another place as well but the rest of the US is not included.
  3. Thanks for your answers...so HK doesn't carry this, ya?

    Anyone has a picture of the damier sophie to share?
  4. jap hawaii and guam... sucks to be us! (as in, usA)
  5. I asked my SA and she told me my best bet was Hawaii since I'm in CA :sad:. I believe Spain was the fourth country.
  6. No, Hong Kong won't carry this.
  7. i'm pretty sure your SA meant Saipan instead of Spain :yes:
  8. oh..interesting..coz I would like to get one as well.
  9. i don't really get why they have to limit it in 3 or 4 countries :wondering
  10. ^
    I think some of the reason would be that they already have many similar sized bags and that they only want to release it in the biggest market for smaller bags. Louis Vuitton no sale, no discount policy policies makes it necessary to never produce too much as it would be too costly to destroy a large amount of bags or store many bags for a long time. The places this purse is being released is basically Japan and the most common place to go for japanese tourists. =P
  11. We want something like this in England. If Liberte is right,then more japanese people need to go on holiday to the UK.
  12. the 4th place is Spain not saipan it's due out in July I've already spoken to someone in spain about it
  13. really?Sophie in Damier will be launched in Spain on july?!
  14. My SA told me it's only being launched in Hawaii, Saipan and Guam. The Monogram Canvas was carried in Japan but they won't have the Damier. I was told the bag would be released August 1st.
  15. Can somebody from Hawaii please give me an update on the release date?

    I tried to call the store in Hawaii and never got a real answer..