Damier Sophie or Tivoli PM???


Which to get first?

  1. Damier Sophie

  2. Tivoli PM

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I'm not sure which I should get first...Damier Sophie or Tivoli PM. The Sophie I would get off eBay...if I go for the Tivoli, then I'd have to waitlist. I think the Tivoli would be a little more practical, but I love the look of the Sophie! Plus, the Tivoli is permanent, so I can get it later on down the road, right? What do you all think? Thanks for the input!
  2. my vote goes to tivoli
  3. Tivoli PM for me!!!
  4. If you can get your hands on a Damier Sophie, I say gor for it! Like you said, you can always get the Tivoli later.
  5. I love the Sophie! I think you should get it while you can.
  6. I think you will pay a premium for the Sophie right now. LV is releasing the mono Eva soon (not sure of date) and a damier version may follow. I vote for the Tivoli PM - it is adorable!
  7. Tivoli!!
  8. I really like the Sophie and would love to get one myself.
  9. I love both bags so this was a tough choice. I think that since the Eva is coming out and it looks so much like the Sophie, I would wait to see if you like that IRL. I would go for the Tivoli and then check out the Eva.
  10. sophie...get it while you can..like you said tivoli is permanent and can get it later..unless you're looking for practicality then tivoli.

    sorry I'm no help. lol
  11. Get the sophie. i wish i had one in damier.
  12. ooo what is this Eva everyone is talking about? I haven't heard about it...any pics???
  13. Damier Spophie, that is such a hard item to find. If you still want the Tivoli, you can get it later on as it is permanent.
  14. my vote went to the damier sophie.....oh how i love that bag!!!:heart::heart:
  15. Tivoli... it is a gorgeous bag...