Damier Sophie in Azur???

  1. Is there such thing? How much are damier sophies? Elux does not sell them.
  2. No, but there should be! Damier Sophie is a uber limited release, and I believe they retailed for $400, but they're nearly impossible to obtain, except for eBay, but expect to pay well over $400 for it.
  3. No such thing...yet. The Damier Sophie is a limited item and only available in Hawaii, Japan, Guam & Saipan. Retailed for $400. eBay is probably the only way to get it right now as ALL Hawaii LV stores are sold out and still have a long w/l should any additional shipments come in.
  4. a damier azur sophie is it going to happened?
  5. I wish it would be made... :sad:
  6. Would be gorgeous.
  7. I would sooo buy that!!

    And I think it's time they made an azur bucket too!