Damier Sophie debuts on ebay~

  1. OMG so tempting. I really want this bag.
  2. OMG...she is gorgeoussssssssssss....thanks for letting us know
  3. So tempting. :drool: Must resist.
  4. I am interested to see how many this seller lists because the stores here in Hawaii are being MANIACAL about this Damier Sophie thing. They only let us WL at one store and less than 1/3 who WLd at my store got calls for them. CRAZY! I thik they're less than 200 on the islands at this time unless they get another shipment and no one knows is they will.
  5. rileygirl...which store is still allowing waitlisting? i called the waikoloa store and it was a no go. Thanks!
  6. Nowhere. There were only 70 and 50 sent to the two larger stores and 10 each to the smaller boutiques so by calculation that's about 160 Sophies sent to Hawaii. At one store alone there were 200 plus on the WL. We heard that stores were calling one another to see if people WLd at multiple stores and there were people who called really early to WL that are from Hawaii who did not get calls. I am not sure how they decided who got them.
  7. They limited customers to 2 SOPHIES in HAWAII..I was lucky to get one thru a dear pal
  8. You lucky girl!!!!!!
  9. Well, I am glad that I don't have to have one since I have the mono. But- I do hope that tPF members who really wanted one and don't have either get a chance. :smile:

    I am still going to tell my brother to check Japan, but it is not a do or die situation IFYKWIM.:okay:
  10. I was too late :crybaby:
  11. ^^ I'm that somebody ;)! I saw it (& did the BIN) and am just now reading this thread! I'm soo excited to get it as I missed out on the mono! I'm sorry though to anyone else that wanted it :sad: !
  12. ^^ I'm Sorry Glamourette..That was me!:sweatdrop: I was looking through the new listings, saw it, looked it over, checked the seller's feedback and snatched that baby up! I hope you find one soon! :yes:
  13. ^^^I think you prob. got it for a good price. I can't beleive how few there are in Hawaii!