~~**Damier Sophie Club**~~

  1. Going to start the Damier Sophie Club. I can't believe how limited she is. I feel very lucky to have added her to my collection!
    IMG_3470.JPG IMG_3472.JPG IMG_3475.JPG IMG_3481.JPG
  2. Woot!

    Jumping on board the Damier Sophie train!!

    Here are pics all over again!
    sophieset.JPG sophie6.JPG sophie1.JPG
  3. Yay, so glad you got her! You're not going to regret it!
  4. I'm in. I can't wait to use her. :smile:
    P1010698.jpg P1010701.jpg
  5. another
  6. aki you and i are twins again because i'm using Amarante Cles with Sophie :heart:
  7. I can join this club too in about a couple of days........yay I'm so excited although I do have to admit that I would have prefered a mono over the damier but oh well, at least I'm getting one!
  8. The sophie in Damier is great, I wish I could get one to pair with my mono sophie, but alas.....wasn't on a waitlist and have never purchased in Hawaii before :sad:. I see some on eBay though. What was the retail on it?

  9. Weeeeee!!! Just received mine today - what a beauty! :yahoo:
  10. Just got mine today! I love it! :love:
  11. Twas slightly more expensive on Oahu due to the difference in tax... 4.166% on Maui, 4.5 or 4.7% on Oahu....

    But here's the original retail price for ya! :yes:
  12. Count me in! Mine arrived today and I am estatic - its so pretty with the chain, and fits so much! I wanted it in lieu of a pochette accessories, due to size - this fits everything I need, and is great as an evening bag. I will post my pics soon...
  13. Count me in! It arrived last week and have only pulled it out of the box today. I just filled it with my crap and will post pics tomorrow when I take her out for the first time. :smile: I'm in love.
  14. my pics :heart:
    DSC00280.JPG DSC00275.JPG
  15. yahoo I finally got mine, I thought it would never come!! She's from the Hilton store in Oahu.......yay!! Now I can't wait to actually go to the store next month so I can buy a matching cles for her. Then I will finally be in their system for the next time a great bag comes out that they won't release here on the mainland. And then I won't have to bug my brother in law's sis to get it for me!!

    OK, here she is: