Damier SLGs wear and tear?

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  1. I have a damier cles that I bought back in 03 at a LV store. Today I noticed that the interior (R) Louis Vuitton stamped in red was pretty much all gone. The problem is that the datecode is also gone. Does this happen with most other damier cles or small leather goods?
  2. Wow that's some pretty serious wear and tear! I've also had my Monogram Canvas Pochette Cles for about three years, and I do use it extensively daily, but the interior is still quite pristine. I only carry coins in mine and the occasional notes and cards. Do you carry something more abrasive in yours, or perhaps overstuff it with coins and keys that could have rubbed off the print?
  3. I overstuff my epi cles but thank god nothing as of yet. The interior is stamped in silver and I believe its rather delicate but I still beat it around sometimes! LOL
  4. hmm, thats odd...can you show pictures?